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You know... the Eat It guy.

Farewell, fan mail from the '80s.  I shall keep you forever in my heart, but no longer in my storage locker.

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2208 days ago

Farewell, fan mail from the '80s. I shall keep you forever in my heart, but no longer in my storage locker.


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methoscr 2179 days ago

Really? Check if my letter is in there, please.

takehertothesea 2185 days ago


13wHiTeRoSeS 2192 days ago

can't keep it forever!

M4ndy12 2193 days ago


merrytrekker 2197 days ago

One box is just my mail to you--nah, mine is with your 90's stuff

ERN_Malleyscrub 2199 days ago

Those clues to that Cooper parachute find, did you read them? #mysterysolved #lostmoney

oddiosmith 2200 days ago

I sent you a big fat check back in 85... did you get it?

bobbygeorgina 2201 days ago

I still think you should have listed it on eBay...And given the proceeds to charity...or kept 'em.

NBHuoXingRen 2201 days ago

There may be letters from far and wide, but not one from Coolio.

GrannysHerbs 2201 days ago

honk! e-bay! $$. whizz whizz, snorkle?

BonJoviLover13 2201 days ago

Man thats a ton of fan mail! maybe my friends letter is on one of those boxes

TheTrekNerd 2202 days ago

Meh that's not much considering Weird Al owned the 80's. Make the recycle man happy.

algonacchick 2203 days ago

Wow! It's amazing that you kept it for so long.

CatboySuperhero 2203 days ago

Instead of throwing it out, could you send back the pet rock with your face painted on it?

Naydeeners1989 2205 days ago

80s fan mail? Wow! Amazing how you kept them with you for so long!

derelict_ 2205 days ago

Hey, I have that shirt!

FreeAsMyHair3 2206 days ago

please dont throw this stuff away its all precious :( ITS TRAGIC TO SEE YOU THROW ALL THIS AWAY :(

blackfeathers 2206 days ago

woah. i wish i was alive in 2010 so that i could see this picture.

blowitoutyurass 2206 days ago

Do we get a prize if we can guess how many letters are in those boxes?I'm impressed.I got rid of love letters from the 80's.

givergirl 2206 days ago

wooow... I wish I was alive in the 80s so that my letter could be in those boxes... :(