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Weight room time! Continue to get better

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2325 days ago

Weight room time! Continue to get better


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MPan12 2247 days ago

LBJ for President!

MajorKitana 2314 days ago

heykimediyorum 2320 days ago

to get better? can you get better more than that? come on! you are already the best! and i am serious.. yes i am.

TheRealScrubteK 2324 days ago

man , thats a nice set. but the p90x is the truth! turned my keg into a six pack.

Marceezy22 2324 days ago

You feel me?

the_real_cutler 2325 days ago

you getting ready to carry wade's jock??

Jordan_83 2325 days ago

Cmon now #6, at least take a snap of 8o lbs and up! I know for a fact u pushin/pullin more! ha jks.

harrisonburnham 2325 days ago

jeez, i think we could all almost (keyword almost) get a body like yours if we all had a weight room like that ha

downsouth_girl 2325 days ago

Weights!!! :-( Awe I was expecting a pic of you show'n us da sexyness!!! ;-) #KingJames Baby!!!

michael_n78 2325 days ago

keep working. Wanna c the championship in june!

NFulton_Finest 2325 days ago

King James about to get his "SWOLE" on...

Kat_Daddy 2325 days ago

Wow MIA Look out...

tangsoup 2325 days ago

Come on,you can do it!

rikincanton 2325 days ago

I'M still a KING JAMES fan & I live in OhiO!

tanalynn1 2325 days ago

Get it in then KingJames!

FromDowntown 2325 days ago

The best keep getting better

enriqueR0ZAY 2325 days ago

I'm about to set it off in the gym myself...shit, Miami's trainingfacility beats the hell out of Hialeah Ballys lol!

SoCalBee 2325 days ago

I'd be overwhelmed. I know one thing I wouldn't want to be the one guarding you lol.

rikincanton 2325 days ago


djs3322 2325 days ago

Kobe don't need to lift weights!! He just lifts those fingers with all those rings on them!!