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A little something I came across on our set that I thought might inspire hubby!
"Go Bears!"

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2284 days ago

A little something I came across on our set that I thought might inspire hubby!
"Go Bears!"


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peterhazaria34 2282 days ago

have u ever mess with a bear.

gfk42 2283 days ago

wow would make great slippers

DirtyEsther 2284 days ago

That's cute. Your love for the animals is so beautiful. I love you, my Queen. ♥♥

JodiBreneman 2284 days ago

SIC 'EM!!! (Baylor University Bears :))

Kate702 2284 days ago

HA looks like he is busting through the wall!!

bluntio 2284 days ago


DarrenCotta1 2284 days ago

Where's his feet gone....?

shyam07 2284 days ago

GO PATS............................. :P

astrologerthe 2284 days ago

URS A MAJOR Beef! See the Bear in the sky 2night, birthday yesterday for the Star called Dube (The bear's back)

fluffyrabbitz 2284 days ago

this is scary to me ..

KevinRosko 2284 days ago

I will add that it does look pretty darn scary in the pic..HHmmmm

KevinRosko 2284 days ago

If it can't play corner or safety it wouldn't matter if you had a sloth of them. As a cowboy fan I expect Romo to light them up come week 2. That will be all we have to cheer for this year as well. I'll bet you my Cowboy Helmet (work helmet) vs that bear

Donwa2 2284 days ago

"I've asked u to fix that hole next to the fireplace hubby, anything could climb thru" -"Like what?"

csullens09 2284 days ago

Wow, that's scary..

issey0413 2284 days ago

looks like a live bear that jumped from somewhere! scary! haha

1gifted1 2284 days ago

Mrs. Kutcher one's comment to that thank God it's racked, though I RT your man's a Cal Bears Fan

1NANCY 2284 days ago

The Hovering Bear INTERESTING

Trisha_Uno 2284 days ago

He looks like he's floating!!

MisshollisC 2284 days ago

Classic SNL... "Daaa Bears"