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I love horses, such beautiful animals :)

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1423 days ago

I love horses, such beautiful animals :)


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ketllydantas_ 1330 days ago

QUEM DIRIA EIN PARIS? UM ANIMAL EMCIMA DE OTRO KKKKKKKKKK +1 mijei de rir com esse comentario.

lamerymasmejor 1360 days ago

look at my horse on my twitpic!!

renems_ 1375 days ago

Tirei la na fazenda! ;*

MuriloArmando 1375 days ago


TasteBillyFrost 1403 days ago

Paris dances to Jane Bordeaux's New Sexy Music "EROTICATION - REMIX"

aaaarjana 1407 days ago

I aggree with you :)

AshleyLynnz 1407 days ago

looking good!! you kinda look like a Hooters girl!

PedroPauloeAlex 1408 days ago

I also love horses, will you marry me?

Cici_Barreto 1408 days ago

I love too

slothfulpanda 1410 days ago

I love horses most of all too... but I hate that iron shit in his mouth :/

SoValili 1411 days ago


FCMMonster_ 1412 days ago

しѺ√乇 ㄚѺŲ ❤

jerseygrl5682 1413 days ago

aww u look so pretty!!

FCMMonster_ 1413 days ago

しѺ√乇 ㄚѺŲ ❤

FCMMonster_ 1413 days ago

Destinyforlove3 1414 days ago

It takes a greal deal of courage to ride Horse. They lend us the wings we lack to discover freedom!2me HorsesNfreedomR Synonymous! BLESSINGS! BFF! Call me.

FCMMonster_ 1414 days ago

Toffy_95 1416 days ago

Arabian Hourse are the best ;)

TandSlovesJDB 1418 days ago

very pretty!! :P

SofiPaladino333 1418 days ago

cute, i have a few of my own,, snowie and white i havent see them in a while i miss them :(