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One more for the road...

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2181 days ago

One more for the road...


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cjparker39 2048 days ago

looks like you have a blast at work and work very hard. you are just too cool!

daisyparodi 2048 days ago

it looks funny!:-)

CastleSuperFan 2049 days ago

Love it!

gheN3Z 2112 days ago

Love u Stana.....u are so cool.....;)

LindaLoL13 2138 days ago

hahahaha cool but don't fall

Shaggy9_ 2146 days ago

Oh man. That was a great episode!

gilsery 2152 days ago

A penny(farthing) for your thoughts. :D

joaoluiz489 2156 days ago

you are beautiful

_SinginPrincess 2156 days ago

XD awesomesauce

Devozpaz 2166 days ago

woman... i think ur tall enuff ;P

mkaonain 2179 days ago

I love it .. :) awesome :D

marymarymarian 2180 days ago

looks like a carefree stana is singing and feeling up above the world. i want to steal this one.

MacGrip 2181 days ago

This rocks! Environmentally approved. (Not sure it'll be as big a success as Nathan's Pulse though)

esmoshka 2181 days ago

So handsfree "driving" is allowed in LA? :D hehe

eljh55 2181 days ago rock this one...

Stana__Katic 2181 days ago

FANTASTIC!!!! ILY Stana <3

Chiron723 2181 days ago

Anyone else seeing this have that raindrops song in their head when looking at this?

Chiron723 2181 days ago


ElitaPerrone 2181 days ago

Awesome!! What a bike!! I canĀ“t wait to watch next season!! Best regards from Argentina.

MLF2623 2181 days ago

That is so cool!