Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2286 days ago


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adrianv27 1670 days ago

Heaven IS a place on Earth!

algonacchick 1670 days ago

You're adorable. <3

xShawnBoyx 1989 days ago

It's ok Al it says Jerky not Jerks, you can enter they are nice ppl in there, no jerks can work in there

Canada415 2042 days ago

My kind of place.

Sparky_Dalus 2128 days ago

Possibly the most laugh-inducing picture in your gallery I've seen thus far. Bravo, sir!

arulnick 2141 days ago

Hey that's in Sedona Arizona! I flip out the same way every time I see that place too.

Juiceb0xHer0 2187 days ago

I laughed so hard at this. You just look so excited!

redravensounds 2205 days ago

Oh no! I could have had a Twinkee Wiener Sandwich!!

EricSeay 2209 days ago

...Mother of God!

d3rdcoast 2217 days ago

Ludacris watch out! Al's new album "Jerky and Beer"

d3rdcoast 2217 days ago

Liver Jerky for my white and nerdy friend here... don't worry Al I got this one.

almalphia 2224 days ago

Jerky is made of epic win, and so are you!

squirrelnut1416 2225 days ago

omg seriously wehre is this place. i need latitude and longitude now!

123climb 2233 days ago

Is that anywhere near Spatula City?

emilyhart 2247 days ago

A WHOLE WORLD?!?!?!?!?

ilove_bananas 2250 days ago


CatboySuperhero 2250 days ago

You have nothing to apologize for, Al. Jerky makes happy. (At least that's what the Vietnamese massage parlor ad says)

SherryeF 2251 days ago

When I saw this pic I went to their website and ordered 3 kinds of Jerky, ALL DELICIOUS, BTW. Got a personal Thank-you card from Buck, too. Thanks WAY.

daxjordan 2252 days ago

I hope they have Vegetarian Jerky for us animal eschewers, Al.

Danielle_E_D 2252 days ago

OMG! Your life is complete!