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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

here's the info on my SYFL 7-11 cup if u ain't knowin

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1762 days ago

here's the info on my SYFL 7-11 cup if u ain't knowin


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King_OfRomance 1760 days ago

i got some promo going on. Lady's & Gent's follow my official twitter

JayMoFuckinO 1761 days ago

Thez the shit man ;p
Friggen awesome!

Hola From tah netherlands <-- Where weed = legal =D

nickdelite 1761 days ago

may sound silly - but you got my respect - given back to the kids - you're alright! ($250K guaranteed - sweet) bigger man then me. Snoops #1

RenaeM1018 1761 days ago

oh yeah, gots my cup this morning!!!

Frekko1 1761 days ago

I want to sell it for you in the Netherlands :)

1gifted1 1762 days ago

Here's how RT-11 kids outstand & compete, along w/ thank heaven RT/7 & RT given treats

latapatiamex 1762 days ago

kool im gonna get mines 2morrow =)

missnxjb 1762 days ago

i wanna!!!!!!

chumangol 1762 days ago

jajajaja wena!

locsterdew 1762 days ago

awwn thats the cutest thing ever ! and thats great that youre giving back much love &respect

rotterdamboy21 1762 days ago

very nice

jona_mr 1762 days ago

man i can get it in mexico?

toreyjohnson 1762 days ago

Its always nice to see a star giving back. thanks snoop

CinnamonHeart_ 1762 days ago

shit! i wanna this cup too!!!!!!!!!!! and i wanna that follow me!)

ThaisAraujo96 1762 days ago

Very Good

MattFoley801 1762 days ago

Sweet, we gonna get that out here in Utah?