Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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1569 days ago


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Sandryn0 1566 days ago

Hey Lance, I'm French ! I know you're not under that :) FUNNY t-shirt !! We can see you can laugh about it !! :)

wagsca11y 1567 days ago

go for it, new Mellow Johnny's shirt design

wmpopper 1568 days ago

rollin' with this...

budrides 1568 days ago

Thats just hilarious

mrbill61 1568 days ago

Love the T-Shirt, want one!!!

dalecooper55 1568 days ago

Don't show the French.... Or they finally have "evidence"...........

darrylnoolan 1569 days ago

mmmm "jamica man" good shit that!

AaronBBrown 1569 days ago

As I'm sure you're aware there is no drug test yet devised that cannot be beaten, hair follicle, liver lymphocyte, stomach squamous cell, even the dreaded brain biopsy, which I here will soon be declared mandatory by all endurance sport governing bodies b

SalRuibal 1569 days ago

Jeff Novitsky just subpoenaed that shirt. Puts the "mellow" in Mellow Johnny.

kevintaddonio 1569 days ago

holy smokes!

LarryBirdy 1569 days ago

I see you've made some new friends; Cheech and Chong?

NOVELTLUV 1569 days ago

this shirt is awesome!

LorieParks 1569 days ago

Love the shirt Lance.