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Hungover or drunk. Attempt to be and fail at being eloquent (Especially when the former statement is true). Often make poor fashion decisions.

May as well admit it: @SivaTheWanted is also a total gangstaaa - in other news, rehearsals goin wkd!

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1985 days ago

May as well admit it: is also a total gangstaaa - in other news, rehearsals goin wkd!


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ftnmcG 1740 days ago

Nath's cap?! *whathappenedtothisguy ? hahah

Fludgate30w 1865 days ago

seasonableness tininess controvertible telling http://bit.ly/hKPQmT

Ellie_JAY_Dixon 1868 days ago

even as a gangstaa he cant resist the urge to pout :P

YvyUS5_VFC 1875 days ago

siva-diva-gangstaa xD

ginasivaTW 1932 days ago

still hooooooooooooot! : )Xx

mizz_angiTW 1985 days ago

lol !!!! GANGSTAAA! hahaha lol pout :P

JaiminiTW 1985 days ago

BeccaTheWanted 1985 days ago

you make the best gangsta!!! :L xxx #tomtuesday

CatherineHope_ 1985 days ago

Ahahahah Brap Brap Gangstaaaa ! :P xx

leannehayesx 1985 days ago

yes, and im loving what he's doing with his eyebrows in this photo. but yah nathan ;)

imaginekerrie 1985 days ago

he looks rather dashing in it! but nathan wears it so much better ;)

HannahBarnzyy 1985 days ago

aww he looks cute, but the hat looks better on nathan x

Jenn16_ 1985 days ago

iam in love with this picture is soo gorgeous !xxxxxx

leannehayesx 1985 days ago

lol! its true though ;)

HettaLafferLott 1985 days ago

awwhhhhh love it u are soo amazing guyys ahahaha xx

imaginekerrie 1985 days ago

haha! that's blatenly nathans hat.

Malliit 1985 days ago

Ahaha, he actually looks kinda cute :)

ILuvNathTW_M4x 1985 days ago

:O Ganngster wearing Naths Cap! Aha! xx

Lucy_Loves_TW 1985 days ago

"init like blood! im hard like! :P u alright laddy :P" x

syxsampsonitex 1985 days ago

awwww love that!! <3 x