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Loveless Cafe!!

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1443 days ago

Loveless Cafe!!


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hufflebieber 1382 days ago


Silvia_del_cast 1390 days ago

I like harleys my boyfriend have 1

Sabsab3 1436 days ago

I bet those biker dudes are there for the hot biscuits.

jessyfultz 1440 days ago

I work there!! Dang!! Of course on my day off! Plz come back! So bummed!

Lesliechutch 1440 days ago

I've been there. Its like 20 mins down the road from where my sister lives. :)

karolineMessias 1441 days ago

I loved the announcement of the air conditioning...{oieoeioeioeioei}

TomiReece 1441 days ago

Wow. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Now I'm going to have to plan to drive down there.

ALDDAB 1442 days ago

those biker men are going to be disappointed when they get inside, didn't they read the sign?!

FatiTp 1442 days ago

cool.. xD

ZafraKRIS 1442 days ago

nice.. :)))

frankiddo19 1442 days ago

thank god there is air conditioned!!:))

oomyfacts 1443 days ago


LeyAnne_Purple 1443 days ago

hmm... i've been wondering why it's loveless????? :)

NadinP85 1443 days ago

Bikes! *feels like a kid in a toy-store*

DaniilTeslenko 1443 days ago

Loveless Cafe)))) The lovely name:)

JoaoBorelli 1443 days ago

Please Nina, why don't you answer me ? I'm a Brazilian fan that love you, sorry about my English, but, i need to tell you this, i love you so! Please, reply me ):

MSMOGurl 1443 days ago

Fried Chicken and Biscuits!!!

Jness415 1443 days ago

Reminds me of a scary movie.......... With vampires hahah

tritonursula 1443 days ago

You actually went there! How did you like the biscuits, if you had any?

pennylane_says 1443 days ago

that's right by my house!