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2219 days ago


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athousandyears 2216 days ago

Thanks to this I've been on a Google Earth kick the last couple of days.

kirstyms03 2218 days ago

so random lol

Girl_Reflecting 2218 days ago

So this is what you lot get up to at night is it?

rebexsti 2219 days ago

Wow! That looks awesome! Don't think you'd want to go there on holiday or anything though. Would be quite scary :p

saveourswede 2219 days ago

It's either something out of 'Jurassic Park', or else it's the island from 'Cast Away' with Tom Hanks-you don't by any chance have a football called Wilson, do you?

Lawrapop 2219 days ago

Oooh, you might get lost there. Looks quite scary

RakelWaffle 2219 days ago

i dont think that volano is friendly haha

LizTheCatgirl 2219 days ago

Do they have an airport?

Haha, that is pretty remote I must say. Looks rather volcanoey though. Be careful while island hunting please, wouldn't want you to get erupted on, google-style! (I make sense.)

waltsmusic 2219 days ago looks rather...volcano shaped..could be a lot hotter than you bargained for =P

waltsmusic 2219 days ago looks rather...volcano shaped..could be a lot hotter than you bargained for =P

Nic_dy 2219 days ago

You have too much free time Mr :p Are you sure that's not just a volcano? could be dangerous!

BlueBird001 2219 days ago

a heck of a journey with a LOT of directions I reckon ;)

thetricktolife 2219 days ago

What happens when you ask it for directions to there from london?

BlueBird001 2219 days ago

oh dear, surely things aren't that bad u wanna escape 2 a remote Island? =P I know u've been tense about the writing but that'd b extreme don't ya think? ;)

thetricktolife 2219 days ago

Have you been counting your pennys and trying to see if you can afford one yet? That one does look like a particularly nice one, dont forget the marshmellows on sticks!

rawrsomesauce 2219 days ago

I have to admit, that looks pretty cool

waltsmusic 2219 days ago


waltsmusic 2219 days ago weren't kidding when you sai it's remote! you could probably see the whole place in a week =P