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hope u enjoyed the new show today. i've finally fin paint this. i call it "city undr attck".

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2359 days ago

hope u enjoyed the new show today. i've finally fin paint this. i call it "city undr attck".


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yung_b 1948 days ago


fabulousnnc 2355 days ago

Beautiful painting Wendy. You are so talented and I luv you for being just an awsome woman. I love the new show.

coolsweetgroovy 2358 days ago

love the painting

Lesalo 2358 days ago

Wendy......I love it. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Myyyyyyyyy ,you are a talented woman. Seriously.I knew you got this Artistic & Creative aptitude in you. It as been confirmed that this Artistic flair is an inborn Quality. Keep Painting Wendy ,you are inspirat

JaeJeter 2359 days ago

this is beautiful. :)

Stephanies_Mind 2359 days ago

Wendy a woman of many talents... #Gottaloveit

ladielabelle 2359 days ago

Beautifully done....I have to wait til 12mid-BET..JL Mar.on Fox in Va.Beach .So I'll be up!LOL

Debbeey 2359 days ago

Yeah!!!sssh found a tv inside at party lol n I got 2 catch the last 20min!!!!so happy now:)btw u look beautiful wendy n purple luv the dress very flattering:))hope u had a great vaca, n I want 2 congratulate u on a new season!!!luv the new set, great job

synney 2359 days ago

I couldn't stop looking at the poka dot ties , and my nine year old daughter knew it was a city off the bat. Wendy that's good , your creative skills are positive and I like it.

Jus_Tray 2359 days ago

I love it! From one artist to another, you are a jack of all trades.

crankygirl3 2359 days ago

OMG where did you get the statue of liberty? LOL PIc is lovely.....and a nice title

Debbeey 2359 days ago

Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!omg I thought the new season started 2moro:((((omg "its a holiday" what about "me" people that missed it???will it b on again? That's def a disappointment...I've been waiting 4 so long..its my own fault but..I was at a party n of course I

shanamichelle 2359 days ago

and u go girlfriend, HOW U DOIN???? and if u give a shout out to one of ur biggest fans STEVN DUTTON, HE IS ALSO AN ARTIST, www.STEVNDUTTON.COM, He loves u so much and hes cute, mwah. we all love u girlfriend!!!

shanamichelle 2359 days ago

Fabulocity.. i LOVE IT.. ur an artiste as well. We all love u WENDY WILLIAMS. You keep it real mwah!!!! Down in tha Music city Nashville Tenn.

ninerem 2359 days ago

It looks very Rothko meets Chagall

1sweet_gyrl 2359 days ago

I like it! very cool and abstract. :-)

pjsmelody 2359 days ago

Awesome Wendy! Loved having you back today!

ShowbizCondoms 2359 days ago

I love it.

MelNCholly 2359 days ago


Real_SlimShady 2359 days ago

thts cool