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Hungover or drunk. Attempt to be and fail at being eloquent (Especially when the former statement is true). Often make poor fashion decisions.

@SivaTheWanted found me just b4 the interview :) :) :)

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2180 days ago

found me just b4 the interview :) :) :)


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LOTTIE_TW_KA_TJ 2070 days ago

siva looks so young xx

Lucy_Loves_TW 2179 days ago

"yaay! go the wanted your gonna win erm.. something" :P

Huda_heart_TW 2179 days ago

:) x

walikeheke 2180 days ago

What you're supposed to do is have him hide with you! You ever played Sardines?

ILuvNathTW_M4x 2180 days ago

Aha!! :) siva should play hide and seek with u aha :P x

thewantedpeeps 2180 days ago

Hahaa he found you..... I LOVE YOU JAY!' xxxxx <3 :D

Alice_Farmer 2180 days ago

haha looks liek you guys are hard at work :) good hiding spot xxx

XxStacabellxX 2180 days ago

Where was u hiding hahha

SusannaSykesTW 2180 days ago

haha love it :)x

HollyTSxx 2180 days ago

Woo, go siva! :D

LaurenPatton96 2180 days ago

Well done Siva!! :D xx

Jemma_FTMx 2180 days ago

Ha! Way to go Siva =) xxx

BeckyWilks 2180 days ago


MiMiiiiii_ 2180 days ago

good old Siva :')