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Shopping with Tao is basically a process of leading him to different nap spots.

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2211 days ago

Shopping with Tao is basically a process of leading him to different nap spots.


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FuyuNoArashi 2123 days ago

Nappin' rulez.

Palewolf1 2209 days ago

Hey that's like shopping with me... I need nap spots ;)

ptoftheneedle 2210 days ago

A man must take interest in how his woman dresses, she loves to wear clothes she knows he likes.

MelMWells 2210 days ago

That's pretty funny haha!

Irenemelinte 2210 days ago

For men shopping is a boredom!

brewha1129 2211 days ago

My hubby judges malls by the number of benches.lol :)

sandy_013 2211 days ago

LOL :D cute man...shame he's bummed!

onlyakb 2211 days ago

a bit small that one to take a nap!!!

drivt 2211 days ago

looks extremely comfortable

crystalhyde 2211 days ago

Lol but I love that chair!! I want one!

paulinejuliia 2211 days ago

twit bull !

GagaMyLitlePony 2211 days ago

lol .i want one

kelin20 2211 days ago

go! looks quite comfortable .

AllisonIsKiller 2211 days ago

Haha that is quite a nap spot! Where all are you shopping at?

edward_thefirst 2211 days ago

i think if hell exists, it consist of a endless existence of following girls shoping

_hughnique_ 2211 days ago

reminds my also of an episode of house! wilson sat in it and it was a red one... ;)

LarryFlowers 2211 days ago

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” Marcelene Cox

Shanaz92 2211 days ago

That chair is obviously a keeper.

Doutora_Val 2211 days ago

This reminds me of the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993). The little girl had a red one ^.^ I luv that. I hope you got one for Tao.