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Tao and my lil bro Chaz taking their Babys Badass Cougar Burgers very seriously.

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1485 days ago

Tao and my lil bro Chaz taking their Babys Badass Cougar Burgers very seriously.


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Sarah_Hakh 1043 days ago

Your bros look sooo much like you.

Ipittigliani 1204 days ago

Olha esse irmao que lindo!!!

OliviaOverbey 1284 days ago

Hey Olivia! Is Chaz the brother that was being really cinical i'm guessing, and told on you for your tatoo?

Massinee 1345 days ago

aiushaiushasui, tão bonito quanto a Olivia . O Tao tem muita sorte :)

caaaroliiina_ 1370 days ago

olha meu cunhado aê *-*

luzramirez113 1416 days ago

lol Tao's hair luks funny;)

numberoneg 1438 days ago

baby bro is HAWT!!!!!

CrIsshD 1455 days ago

Ur Brother Olivia! O_O ..!, he's so cute :$

VeritoPerroni 1457 days ago

Omg olivia ur brother is so damn hot haha with all the respect...

Importantverbs 1484 days ago

You married a good looking genius. That's like most rare kind of guy. His photos make me drool.

LastUnicorn94 1484 days ago

dear god olivia. your bro' is totally hot ^^ and yep..he kinda looks like you ;)
I got a question: Didn't you say in a interview that your natural hair color is blond ?

hansen_md 1485 days ago

Wow! =D Does he have a Twitter? And a girlfriend? #kidding ^.~

JandaCollins 1485 days ago

Good genes in your family. You're brother is very handsome also!

ReinAtie 1485 days ago

he is really cute!!
you two have the same eye expression!!(if that's even a sentence O.o)

13Thriteen13 1485 days ago

Congratulations on having an overly attractive brother.

beaucoup04 1485 days ago

when your brother comes back to DC I think he should come hang out with me. he's cute.

neinmuses 1485 days ago

soooo, your brother... he single or anythin?

AllisonIsKiller 1485 days ago

Haha very cute picture! I love the look Tao is giving the camera

sweetmandyy 1485 days ago

Your little brother is cute!

paulinejuliia 1485 days ago

lol...very impressed ! Have a good day with your men, Olivia !