Russell Brand


This is what a bad cat looks like. Watch out for bad cats.

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2328 days ago

This is what a bad cat looks like. Watch out for bad cats.


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AnnesoRyr 2063 days ago

Haha! the Cute cat ♥ XD

tia_96 2103 days ago

hahaaahh "i taught i taw a puddy tat" :D

ChairForeverGG 2205 days ago

sooo cute <3

Emlee25 2302 days ago

Better watch out for the bird, lol

morgynsawesome 2303 days ago

you shitty ass cock, I feel like Mr. Brand here is a bad ass. And him and Katy are awesome. Kbye.

NDJenks 2304 days ago

you seriously jessica are a really really big loser, dont think ive ever seen a real life full on looooser! like you. x

PugRandomosity 2306 days ago

That person is insane! And where was Katy when this was happening? XD

PriscillaJoan 2307 days ago

Aww! Lol. My Cat used to do that with the fishtank. BTW... that JessicaLove chick is fucking insane!!! O.o

ComatoseSheep 2309 days ago

wow you're pretty committed to the hate aren't you? maybe you should relax?

EchelonJozy 2311 days ago

mine does that on the fish tank

JordanLRDuncan 2317 days ago


TannyDoodles 2323 days ago

That poor unsuspecting birdy, yet the cat still thinks he has a chance aww LOL
and LMFAO! at the crazy bitch who comments on all of ur photos.. obsessive much?

simonexwx 2323 days ago

wow is scaring me a little bit. Mark David Chapman springs to mind...

JonothonEast 2323 days ago

Calm down it's just a bird it aint katy perry you tit. i'm sure with the lack of thumbs that cat wont be gettin in the cage any time soon. How could you spew such vile abuse at such a poor puddy cat?

btcrkr22 2323 days ago

Haha aww cute kitty

RafelAthens 2323 days ago

Hmmmmmm! I love birds but I'll put my money on the pussy!!!

KtAngharadRusel 2323 days ago

Something has made me come to the conclusion that is a tiny bit loopy maybe ??

urbanblue1 2324 days ago

joker russ, how fucking dare > write that nasty message u stupid slut wishing u had a cock like the 1 Russell uses to plow through his lovely fiancee shut the fuck up u fat ugly bitch wishing u were male, russell = legend

BoxiLady 2324 days ago

Keeping a bird in a cage is just wrong. Sorry.

emmerrrrr 2325 days ago

DeAnneHolliday - ditto. what a psycho!