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You know... the Eat It guy.

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2646 days ago


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Morf 2426 days ago

omg... this is great!!!

RocketJumper35 2481 days ago

they add the ''dead'' before the chicken cause a guy keep saying his chicken leg kicked him

wltzng2slnc 2501 days ago

Hey, noticethe sign? The one that says there is no higher religion than human service? There is no greater human service than providing...dead chicken.

ZWS_Lady 2524 days ago

Dead Chicken? well isn't that stating the obvious? What would happen if they served live chicken?

Stacie57 2547 days ago

lovey dead chicken is on the menu

redravensounds 2564 days ago

Iv'e never seen a restaurant before that caters to feeding burritos to dead chickens! Who knew that dead chickens even liked burritos?? wow

Krisofdeath 2564 days ago

This is freakin funny! Well at least they reasure you that you're not eating a live chicken. Yum-O!

d3rdcoast 2576 days ago

There is a place around the corner from there that leaves the feathers on... Kay-Eff-Sea?

krazybritusa 2586 days ago

A real live Dead Chicken...for real???

dosboys 2586 days ago

tkes a dead chicken to make a live burrito

123climb 2591 days ago

That's not funny. My chicken really did die.

pstawicki 2606 days ago

I prefer all my animals dead before eating them!

MantaNegra 2609 days ago

Eating live animals is kinda hard, isn't it?

Danielle_E_D 2611 days ago


Cherypar 2611 days ago

I can only eat live chicken- it's much more entertaining!

Amaanda17 2622 days ago

Im glad that they only sell DEAD Chickens at a food place... I wonder what killed them, bad food?

kirai_katrubro 2622 days ago

You totally cut off the fast food propaganda painted on the bottom right corner...

Charmed0ne 2623 days ago

lmao wtf, dead chicken?! I hope so.

stephanie2967 2626 days ago

I'm assuming you ordered the "Dead Veggie" burrito, yes?

leftymusician 2630 days ago

as opposed chickens?