Spirit and Oppy


Roaming the Red Planet on six wheels since Jan 2004. The official mission Twitter of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

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2331 days ago


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lafftr 2284 days ago

In the forefront on either side of the screw are square patches. I have seen these before in photos here. I also saw cables tied and layed in the rows between the squares. What is that?? What are they? How did that preparation get done and by who?

kkoguz 2331 days ago

I think these rocks formed by a meteorite, melting and forming a glassy material

JamesELarkin 2331 days ago

Flat rocks? I thought they were ice sheets/chunks.

m_god_m_dvl 2331 days ago

can any 1 tell me whats there at left side in middle..weird rock??or something else??

JojiMyers 2331 days ago

I like seeing the gnomen (sundial) schools had them on Earth! Sure r alot blueberries in crkd rego!

dragonfire1024 2331 days ago

Cool! I like how flat the rocks are. Some are cracked like something was dropped on them or hit once with a hammer.