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2239 days ago


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CelticLo 2237 days ago

Has to be a fake datasette deck, there's no wee screwdriver in shot to align the playback head!

Kichigai 2238 days ago

Man, back before the 1000 model made specialized datasette decks obsolete by using regular acoustic decks.

JojiMyers 2239 days ago

Lead to1st GPS use on yacht by "apkallus" Sir Sinclair, then wrested from the military-industrial complex.

dr_monkeyface 2239 days ago

general consensus from the Brits is look to the left for a keyboard. Thats the speccy not this deck ;)

morkalavin 2239 days ago

Boy, I remember that thing .. now I feel really old :(

DrSchrecknet 2239 days ago

The British high street chain were given exclusive retail rights for the ZX81's initial release period.

DrSchrecknet 2239 days ago

This is a WH Smith Computer Program Data Recorder. This was released as a peripheral for the ZX81.

aptanet 2239 days ago

Shall I go all Uber Geeky & say it looks like a 16k or 48k rubber key Spectrum PSU, not a later + version?

Rogerborg 2239 days ago

EeeeeeeeeeeeWEET EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWeeweweweweeeewewewewewe.... I'm tearing up now.

dr_monkeyface 2239 days ago

blimey took the words out of my mind

dr_monkeyface 2239 days ago

Looks more like a tape deck that would hook up to a speccy 48k before they got built into the 128ks

aptanet 2239 days ago

Looks more like a tape deck to me, but the PSU next to it looks like a Spectrum one so probably connected!

TheLucidGamer 2239 days ago

One day this will be more "antique" then we'd like it to be.

Ghosthead84 2239 days ago

My name is and I apprrove this #TwitPic.