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1643 days ago


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Tecrogue 1637 days ago

Best Magic card Ever.

krismcelman 1638 days ago

Simply awesome.

OkieCam16 1642 days ago

Bazinga! Here's a card you don't have!! Can you believe it?!

Slerpy52 1643 days ago

OMG!! Meemaw is my nickname! How do I brt one of these???

miguelangeluke 1643 days ago

hahahaaa "Sorcery" LMAO

heavenlydevynly 1643 days ago

I never laughed my ass off so hard.

paddywhackednat 1643 days ago

This wins the Internet. Game over.

kosmoceratops 1643 days ago

Yeah, i wanna this one on my deck xD

Melificent 1643 days ago

What the huh?

566_ 1643 days ago

haha! this is fucking awesome card!!

pochilandia 1643 days ago


caiodecarvalho 1643 days ago

I need this card

gojirama 1643 days ago

Fucking awesome. I'm from the part of the country we you'd see someone like that.

Enjolras66 1643 days ago

this is the most awesome thing i've seen all week!

JohnHedtke 1643 days ago

This is unbelievably cool. Well done, !

jade_kadir 1643 days ago

That really is an awesome Magic card. Kudos to for the awesomeness.

MelleWanny 1643 days ago

mouhaha this is really good! Can I have one of those?!

Rebekahdg 1643 days ago

Oh, laughing is good.

xenelle 1643 days ago

V. cool!

charlesculp 1643 days ago

did someone say "win the game"?