norman reedus


these are sea turtles

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1911 days ago

these are sea turtles


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jaxjacoby 1880 days ago

:) my favorite. quarter smile & complete appreciation of the beauty of the photo & the ability of the photographer to have seen what he saw & then to share.

MsTaraEm 1886 days ago

I'll have to post some of mine now!

MsTaraEm 1886 days ago

I seriously thought I was the only one in the world who takes pics of clouds & keeps em! cute!

amywearsredsox 1909 days ago

I love looking at clouds. You can always make your own little story from them.

8butterfly9 1911 days ago

Thats a really pretty pic Norm. ^_^

NormanNoramen 1911 days ago

Sea turtles and penguin trails.

StarWitch825 1911 days ago

I see a Dodo bird. :)

LuckyCat12901 1911 days ago

yay turdles!! ^_^

pvtgiggles 1911 days ago

I see a sting ray in the middle of the turtles. Loving your photos today.

StBrighid 1911 days ago

Aw man, someone might wanna point those sea turtles in the right direction

ajoyoussoul 1911 days ago

Yeah, Crush and "offspring" talking to jellyman.

jaxjacoby 1911 days ago

Opened, planning on arguing the sea turtles and seeing something else -- you win. those are sea turtles. What was his name? Crush? Sea turtle surfer dude, 150 years old?

SamhradhFaolchu 1911 days ago

Love the beauty of simplicity..makes me smile.

onihei0076 1911 days ago