Paula Deen


Cooking and family are the greatest gifts. Love and Best Dishes, y'all!

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2072 days ago


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ELIZABETHLOFTU1 1421 days ago

Butter Queen!! HopeFloats...

sloanarts 2072 days ago

woweee-butterlicious heaven!

BigSteppinGal 2072 days ago

Holy Butter Queen!! Hope ya'll are having fun. wish I was there ;-D

alexjwrg 2072 days ago

ur so cute Miss Paula Dean :) I don't think I've ever seen someone so gleeful over butter!

MadamFrugal 2072 days ago

OMG! Will u ship some butter to me in California? Oh wait,u love butter! There might be none. :)

resarie85 2072 days ago

OMG! It's the Leaning Tower of Buttah.... This is SO you, Paula!

LLmishmae 2072 days ago

Paula I just had some tacos, and I put butter on one of the plain ones. My bud Julie in 5th grade taught me that. Try it. It's greasy anyway, so what's the big deal, it's not any different than cheese.

risin_phoenix 2072 days ago

that is alot dangg just thinking ov all em waffles ahahahah

JamieSOAfan 2072 days ago

Sure wish I was there!!!

EnriqueShingles 2072 days ago

Ahh! You're so cute, Paula!

rhanning 2072 days ago

mo buttah

LLmishmae 2072 days ago

Step away from the butter, Paula...slowly, with both hands not behind your back....

TeresaDuffey 2072 days ago

Works for me! All I would need is some warm bread or a hot baked potato!!

leslie 2072 days ago

Something so wrong, yet so lovably Paula, about this photo...

1127Christi 2072 days ago

What a great picture...

AlyzabethM 2072 days ago

It's the mother butter load!

mel_epps 2072 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmm... MAMA... imagine ALL the yummy food you could make with that?!?

ivan6891 2072 days ago

omg that's INTENSE

KitsuneSoAmazin 2072 days ago

LOL! I Love it!

ArkCatox 2072 days ago

Now that's awesome, but it looks like you're ready to kill anyone who doesn't love butter! XD