Dane Cook


When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

no words - just emotions

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2095 days ago

no words - just emotions


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Pasvar53g 1967 days ago

f4ia Hi take a look at Look013.com

Tini_panda_ 1967 days ago

Lol i know that dude kinda, his name is elijah the nature boy he has a website i think.

mojo_pin 2055 days ago

He has better legs than I do.

babeeblueyez81 2085 days ago

This guy is actually a very well known and really intelligent man. I think his name is Moses?? There are videos of him on youtube. People travel from all over just to meet him. He's a cool dude.

sunnysarose 2092 days ago

where can i buy that skirt? is this a fashion statement?

Debrena_27 2093 days ago


iamnowanonymous 2093 days ago


SamboDNO 2094 days ago

Hey there's my spiritual advisor and my accountant, Orlando. Orlando needs some shoes on buddy!

cole_deville 2094 days ago

Hey, that's my dad!

enm0025 2095 days ago

hes gone native. I like it.

YoureGlowing 2095 days ago

Hey, if you've got skintone like that-show it off any way u can! http://www.youtube.com/youreglowing

doyou_burger 2095 days ago


serena_67 2095 days ago

Hey, at least he's wearing a belt to keep the loincloth fastened.

oddiosmith 2095 days ago

howabout BEST jean shorts Ever!!!, and groovey walking stick... (austrailia?)

nickbearden 2095 days ago

I took this pic & emailed it to Dane. It's in Washington DC, taken in Sept of last year. I have 2 more

PeaCeHoNkiEs 2095 days ago

He doesn't look out of place Milky ~licker.

Amandayoura 2095 days ago

is this Vegas or something?

lovelyulls 2095 days ago

Year 1 peep..

Kleeglousta 2095 days ago

"Castaway 2" The later years...

RScottSadler 2095 days ago

Hey. Hell. When it's laundry day, you find a way to make that shit work.