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father time drives this bus

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1479 days ago

father time drives this bus


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sunnysarose 1475 days ago

every year christmas comes sooner

metalhickchic 1476 days ago

"you sure do have a perty mouth"

metalhickchic 1476 days ago

for some reason while looking at this picture I hear dueling banjos in my head.

Tacoboxnicole 1477 days ago

if father time is driving, this trip is gonna take FOREVER

Memoriestohold 1478 days ago

Mr. Claus drives the kids to school during the off season.

YoureGlowing 1478 days ago

Beautiful white beard! http://www.youtube.com/youreglowing

itsalikat 1478 days ago

dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for you to cut your goddamn hair.

deviant0o 1479 days ago

I never knew St. Nick was short of cash and needed a 2nd job.

CaliChente007 1479 days ago

Haha damn what the fuck are they doing in a bussy dude like ninety seven he's ganna have a freaken heart attack on the road people wtfffffffff hahaha

oddiosmith 1479 days ago

walmart killed santa's career!

PeaCeHoNkiEs 1479 days ago


That's a BA MotherFather!!

dc4life1234 1479 days ago

its SANTA!!!! he uses a bus now? haha

Trisha_Uno 1479 days ago

Good Ole St. Nick! Couldn't do the sled thing no more & had to lay off Blitzen, Vixen & the rest! Blah!

TWINZMOM68 1479 days ago

Santa-off season!

mongers13 1479 days ago

ho ho ho bitch pay the damn toll.

TaraBroadway 1479 days ago

Santa's Summer job.

mirawise71 1479 days ago

Isn't this one of the Oak Ridge Boys?

RobLayer 1479 days ago

Dude looks so stoked on his job

avonladygirl222 1479 days ago

This is what Santa does during his off season!

beebee880 1479 days ago