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When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed

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2246 days ago

the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed


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lorrimarriott 2164 days ago

Of course he is. This isn't the first time that he's quoted SK's DT series.

ngrover1 2240 days ago

holy shit dane cook is a DT fan?! +19,000,000 points in my book

Tacoboxnicole 2244 days ago

I hope Roland knows he's on the wrong line...this here man in black definitely isn't in the desert...STUPID DOORS!!

ryuuzaraki 2244 days ago


KrysDatPUSHA 2244 days ago

Wow .. this man comes to my job ALL THE TIME .. He's always really quiet. Nice guy tho.

SamboDNO 2245 days ago

Johnny cash and Flava Flav must have met before, and invoked this man.

jennyross18 2246 days ago

This guy looks like a black ! He truly looks like he got dressed from Dog's closet.

RScottSadler 2246 days ago

Most awesome tweet reference ever!

cybersoulsista 2246 days ago

he looks pissed off

ThruGraceAlone 2246 days ago

good book!!!!! :D

TaraBroadway 2246 days ago

Midnight Cowboy.. hahaha

hhfan247 2246 days ago

cowboy troy lol

mphwnc 2246 days ago

Did Johnny Cash and Barack Obama morph?

simplyliv 2246 days ago

um....flag. from the stand. i don't know why...that was just my first thought.

gretchen5654 2246 days ago

Is he the new guy playing the sheriff in Blazing Saddles???

TheDaveShow 2246 days ago

Pimpin' aint easy!

stephkesh 2246 days ago

It's a "brother" Roland.... Love it!

SkinCare_JamieM 2246 days ago

Love the Dark Tower reference!

CoriAnnRichard 2246 days ago

that is one sexy motha fucka! is it Shaft???

DreTM 2246 days ago

dude you forgot to add #nohomo