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Learning to live as a working actor & wife, somewhere between LA & Nova Scotia Canada. Tune in to HAVEN on SYFY & Showcase.

As promised a pic of lucas and I.... Wrap on day 91 od 92 sheesh

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2218 days ago

As promised a pic of lucas and I.... Wrap on day 91 od 92 sheesh


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RebeccaVeight 1824 days ago

Awwww you look so cute in this pic :)

twinstars 2194 days ago

Lovely pic -- I hope you all get a season 2!

Leab63 2203 days ago

Tell syfy to look here. Sorry I messed up the other post. My hands shake I have Multiple Sclerosis. I will try and be more careful from now on. Haven is great love Audrey and Nathan. Please tell Lucas he and you have many new fans you are great and Lucas

Leab63 2203 days ago

Love this pic and all of the Haven stuff. I do hope you all will be back for season 2...... Tell such to look here. Naudrey all the way!!!!

CRaymakers 2215 days ago

ahhh how cute!

Mexced 2215 days ago

Very cute picture!

CaFMDF 2217 days ago

Lovely pic! ♥

Kathy_Porter 2217 days ago

say Hi to Lucas for me :) XO

smqdc 2217 days ago

Great pic, thanks! Been loving #Haven !

PRETTYBUTTT 2217 days ago

Haven, and the two of you are the only thing that got me out of my LOST IS OVER funk. Loving every minute of Haven, and this picture is just adorable.

ghipszky 2218 days ago

I love that photo! Will see you in Season 2! Syfy are you listening and watching?? We love Haven!!!!

LPMc 2218 days ago

Love y'all Enjoy your last day & see you NEXT SEASON (ahem, )! ;o)

LHSteacher 2218 days ago

Great photo...that must mean you finish up tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you next year- season2

BlueJaigEyes 2218 days ago

LOVE!! You and Luca are amazing! Love Haven and love you guys! Keep up the great work!

greenleo1 2218 days ago

Yay! Thanks for posting a pic! Super cute pic of you and Lucas! I'm a huge Nathan/Audrey fan! Hopefully, more good stuff is on the way! :) Naudrey all the way!

judy1987 2218 days ago

awwwwwwww :) luv watching you guys on #haven!!!

threadhot1 2218 days ago

aaaawwww! =) Wunderful!!! Thanx and be safe!

Kathy_Porter 2218 days ago

awwwww- sweet. hey you guys be careful about hurricane Earl ok? Stay safe :) XO

jade_kadir 2218 days ago

You and Lucas are just too adorable together. :)

Lillysouza1990 2218 days ago

I loved the kiss at the end of episode 1x08... Haven is amazing.