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Tomorrow is a Newb Day.

Bashful!John on guitar.

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2218 days ago

Bashful!John on guitar.


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HadykEva 752 days ago

love John in this

Go_withthe_Floh 2215 days ago

Stunning, just stunning. Why can't I fall asleep? With these images in my head.

rosiebrazier 2216 days ago

omg he is so cute in this, even though he does resemble my english teachers son.

DanielNube 2216 days ago

Totally, be my guest.

Ed_witha_Zzz 2216 days ago

hi can i steal this for background pls

Ed_witha_Zzz 2218 days ago

awww i love this one. john was so naturally gorgeous - simple shy but gorgeous

DanielNube 2218 days ago

We all feel that way, trust me. ;-)

ChasingJedward 2218 days ago

Bashful!John kills me a little inside. (In a good way..) <3

Go_withthe_Floh 2218 days ago

How is he so beautiful?

pixieplanets 2218 days ago

this probably changed a lot of non-fans opinions x

SarahLGrimes1D 2218 days ago

he looks so gorgeous.

SunIighter 2218 days ago

I actually LOVED when he did this and this is beyond adorable. I like the sound of his voice, and would listen to acapella songs from him.