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2593 days ago


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FELIXjk007 2554 days ago

Man!! That crystal meth has really taken it out of Tom Cruise, don't you think? ( wah! wah! waaaah!! )

Crazy_Nook 2558 days ago


nil_lp 2573 days ago


hi3838 2573 days ago

nikko rox!

KimEb9 2576 days ago

My Hero!!! No not you Fred!! LOL! Just kidding, you're very cool but no one tops Einstein...not Locke, Kant, especially not Freud...

sarper_ 2581 days ago

Why Einstein? Not Faraday, not Locke, not Kant, not Freud but Einstein?

chris_butcher03 2581 days ago

freddy always got some dope ink! you should put on more pix of ur tats

slavomirbencat 2581 days ago

nice tatttoo

R0M3L 2583 days ago

nice ink you got there!

martingonzo 2585 days ago

i love this one. it´s perfect wise and...uuhhmm...kinda old..kinda...just like you bro! ;)

KrisKrueger 2585 days ago

ur leg!...ur perfect leg! what've u done??? i'll call ur mom =:O

omarwhy 2589 days ago

Nice work!

heathersutton 2590 days ago

Who is the artist that did this for you. It is very nice!

ruivitxa 2591 days ago

woww!! the wrinkles are perfect! awesome!

veramaster 2592 days ago

Einstein is dope!!!!

caganlimp 2592 days ago

great tatoo..who next Fred?:)

SkillerRUS 2592 days ago

Why Albert Einstein?

tkilar 2592 days ago

That is sick! Well worth it--

RobHall24 2593 days ago

shit dude i saw that a little on the tom green show online. it looks fuckin awesome.

Morto88 2593 days ago

I see that Nikko did a good job:)