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Where ever you go... there you are. Going day by day... so let's see where it takes me! Namaste.

I have the best fans in the world! @nina_network sent me flowers! Thx Andrea&fans!

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1644 days ago

I have the best fans in the world! sent me flowers! Thx Andrea&fans!


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SmokyLaa 1513 days ago

ahh omg she got her pressies :) yaaaaaaaaaaaay <3 Nina

hufflebieber 1578 days ago


shumakovaksenya 1632 days ago

Beautiful roses for the beautiful girl!

Celiaiilec 1632 days ago

You deserve it! You're a talented actress and a beautiful person! The fans love you!! My support and kisses from the beautiful Spain! Love u!

1Team_Derek 1637 days ago

awww there bea-utiful l0l theyre great

JoaoBorelli 1639 days ago

Please Nina, why don't you answer me ? I'm a Brazilian fan that love you, sorry about my English, but, i need to tell you this, i love you so! Please, reply me ):

Winniex__x 1639 days ago

Awhhh... ^.^ That's soo nice. And greetings from Bulgaria.. <33

rcam2053 1639 days ago

thats so sweet

nic_bec75 1640 days ago

How sweet - wish I could read the card .. the writing's too teeny tiny!

StefaniTheVamp 1642 days ago

Aaah :)

httpsvengenz 1642 days ago

Owin sweet, please follow me?

TKupryukhina 1643 days ago

Ohh...Very beautiful flowers!
Rose for dear Nina*
Love you*

GwenSalvatore 1643 days ago

Thats sweet ((: Love you Nina!

selene_010 1643 days ago

Roses for a rose.

KateB819 1644 days ago

You deserve them... awesome flowers


Flowers are excellent!

louluvl 1644 days ago

Yeah. That's for sure! You really have the best fans in the world:) Greetings from Germany...<3

VDSource 1644 days ago

Aww, that's so cool!

affy7ann 1644 days ago

We love you Nina! =)

Barbara_Baris 1644 days ago

yeah, you deserve it, absolutely .. we love u (Czech rep.)