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India the next super power? Is this what future super powers gonna look like?

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2400 days ago

India the next super power? Is this what future super powers gonna look like?


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KhawajaTweets 2398 days ago

LMAOO! wow superb! no one needs and a future super power! lol if the reactions gonna look like this lol...

JRFANAR 2399 days ago

INDIA- here journey starts towards disaster....b aware n save nature.

Awaara_Arslan 2399 days ago

The whole Asia will have to look at Mother Earth/Prithvi's anger in the near future ... :'(

Vineeta2486 2400 days ago

Let's make things better..:-)

vijankit 2400 days ago

Its never late until India realizes...until we realize.

BHUUSHANN 2400 days ago

Wow i wish our ministers, Leaders, Law makers take this joy ride..leaving their swanky cars for aday

santoshchotu 2400 days ago

ho this is really disguisting man need to take things seriously

trailblazer1407 2400 days ago

sersly, dey wnt listn untl n unls WE make em to,like in case of bhopal case.

trailblazer1407 2400 days ago

wow! 1 side, its India, othr side, its VENICE! ;) Creatin wrld effct! :p

SRKsGurl 2400 days ago

Adventerous ! Jokes apart dis is really a serious issue

zahra1341 2400 days ago

is it new pic? it about recently rain in Delhi or Mumbai?so inventor people. nothing makes them disappointed.

orca2912 2400 days ago

öhmmmm who knows, when it longer so rains on around the world, then the next superpower looks exactly like this = D

samhitaaa 2400 days ago

it is a gud pic!! u noe, make use of floods 2 bcme a rowing pro.if india bcms a super power its coz of stuff like dis

raiyansilvia 2400 days ago

though I'm from other country but sometimes my country also faces this kind of situation

Diniclaudia 2400 days ago

hmmmm...bay watch!!!! Ouch!!!

iamgaurav16 2400 days ago

Exactly right said pathetic...