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Wow!  Barack Obama's mom really did look like Paul McCartney!

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2187 days ago

Wow! Barack Obama's mom really did look like Paul McCartney!


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lennonlover1222 1994 days ago

omg so creepy!

whatsername8680 1995 days ago


starrmedows 1995 days ago

Wow! I wounder if they are related some how?

rmarega 1995 days ago


MontegoJoker 1995 days ago


MaLu86 1995 days ago

Gasp. Lol.

MyCraigyRomance 1995 days ago

OMG!that is uncanny!

iVivianaa_ 1995 days ago

speechless lol

LynJovianneV 1995 days ago


DeathTheKid3_ 1995 days ago

hahaha ohmygod wow they really do.

TeamUrie 1995 days ago

That is. Really. Weird. And then he married Michelle. Lmao.

BeatlesSongs_ 2050 days ago

HAHA true. #BackToBrazilPaul

mariagustina16 2179 days ago

Yes,is true hahahaha is traumante :P

AlinaHorta 2179 days ago

I'm shocked.

7October 2180 days ago


dollpartsTM 2182 days ago

oh, wow. haha

dianaanoann 2183 days ago

sure ha ha

untitledb 2186 days ago


Ciruelaaaa 2186 days ago

jajaajaja it´s true!

ItaMaroon 2187 days ago

They did look a like.