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Trying to think of names for my two new friends. Any ideas?

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2100 days ago

Trying to think of names for my two new friends. Any ideas?


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sHewOlf91 2099 days ago

It means right and left in Latin

sHewOlf91 2099 days ago

Ithink it's sinister and dexter !

bendybernie 2099 days ago

poor little bugger one and poor little bugger two

serverdude 2100 days ago

Tanngrisni ("gap-tooth") and Tanngnost ("tooth grinder") as Thor's goats

Claudia_201006 2100 days ago

Waldorf and Stetler (Muppet Show)

david_taff 2100 days ago

thing one and thing two...

US_Food 2100 days ago

George and Ewan - Men who stare at Goats?

NickBMorgan 2100 days ago

James K. Polk and Martin van Buren

philstephens 2100 days ago

Rigor and Mortis.

Lordyjr 2100 days ago

How'bout Adolf & Hitler.

nihiliad 2100 days ago

Tversky & Kahneman

US_Food 2100 days ago

Two old deers? Must be Hinge & Bracket.

philgurnett 2100 days ago

harpo and groucho

KatharinaMeyer 2100 days ago

Siegfried & Roy, Max & Moritz, Stan & Laurel, Ernie & Bert.

futuremonkey 2100 days ago

Which two? I see two stuffed heads, two skulls, two framed pictures, etc.

gingerbenji 2100 days ago

I don't know about names, but they must have been running extremely fast when they hit the other side of the wall

US_Food 2100 days ago

It has to be Penn & Teller, surely?

yuidaoren 2100 days ago

"Taxonomy and Taxedermy"

PriNasri 2100 days ago

Bisto and Horny

_Astariel_ 2100 days ago

Jung & Freud?
Siegfried & Roy?
Copperfield & Houdini?
Wise & Man?