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Look what snacks on set!!! Panda cookiess!!!

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2068 days ago

Look what snacks on set!!! Panda cookiess!!!


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AdiiCabello 1995 days ago


itsgracie_25 2065 days ago

oh those cookies look good Jenna, yummy!! :)

cabrockington 2066 days ago

Don't they make you home made treats like

LadyGleeGlee2 2067 days ago

Haha love those things ftw! We buy them at Central Market. Along with Pockey. YUM!!! :D

UrbanlyBlue 2068 days ago

nooo wayyy, i'm eating the strawberry kind RIGHT NOW XD

Ninnie_89 2068 days ago

They look so awesome!!! I want some! They remind me of BN biscuits! :D

AmyK0_o 2068 days ago

Oh I've never seen those. My kids would love them.

haslina 2068 days ago

full oh yummy choc goodness!

Chumber252 2068 days ago

Wow they look different to the ones we have in Australia

EloCupcake 2068 days ago

Cute :D

LeyAnne_Purple 2068 days ago

I like those panda cookies... can i have one??? :P

Kara_witha_K 2068 days ago

I eat them all the time :)

SprechenGoober 2068 days ago

Panda cookies now contain EXTRA Panda!

SprechenGoober 2068 days ago

Panda cookies, made with real Pandas

katwong10 2068 days ago

oh didn't recognize them w/o their red box....still delicious right???

Lestat513 2068 days ago

Those things are AWESOME!! (And, I don't care if they might be made of the same material the box is made out of. lol)

ReijiNakashi 2068 days ago

easy on the cookies.... cuz if u gain weight, Glee will quick u out... and so do we

JonsIslandGirl 2068 days ago

i love those...

TheaOlos 2068 days ago

HELLO PANDA! ^.^ seriously the best things ever.

heyitsColeen 2068 days ago

I miss this snack so muchh !!