Jeph With A Ph


Deathmøle Jacques' head takes up the bottom half of the panel, with his words taking up the top half. He is not concerned about the life of his friend.

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2350 days ago


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kiamichifarms 2343 days ago

It is cute because cats are cute, however it is quite scary. lol

_honeywild_ 2350 days ago

lizreay 2350 days ago

I would love to know what spawned the cat boner saga...

dutchgirlie07 2350 days ago

Why is this oddly cute?

hottea_ 2350 days ago

awww, where's RobinCat?

KrazyK095 2350 days ago

Stop making them! Lol.

melabarrie 2350 days ago

LOL, want it for my wall!!

CosRyan 2350 days ago

Have you been smoking something I haven't, Mr. Jacques?

captainsharmie 2350 days ago

LOL. love it. very fitting for batman, i'd say.