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1330 days ago


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TheLanguist 1329 days ago

Sweet Mother of ...luckily i have got some money here to be spend on a new toy ^_^

freekdeman 1329 days ago

Is that a Fallout T-shirt?

scojac 1329 days ago

Nice... 'Let's Photoshop a couple black rectangles into images to make it look like we actually have a product.'

leejcj 1330 days ago

Just voted. You cut to the core of me, gadgetman. I need CSI-like image enhancement for this pic.

jarretteschule 1330 days ago

what is blacked out on his wrist????? WHAT THE MOTHER??

m_o_n_a_c_o 1330 days ago

midsize is definitely missing!
maybe 2 versions: 5" and 7"

blacklight24 1330 days ago

Oooh... show us more please! PalmPad and new Palm phone, I guess ;-)

BoogsterSU2 1330 days ago

OMG. Why are they black? I bet that's that new webOS tablet above and some kind of new Palm phone running webOS or on the bottom or something...

Also, good luck on testing it. I found this via .