Nina Dobrev


Where ever you go... there you are. Going day by day... so let's see where it takes me! Namaste.

@kathygriffin and I - at pre Emmy Party! Seeing how heavy the award is :P

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1914 days ago

and I - at pre Emmy Party! Seeing how heavy the award is :P


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tarsha_lynn 1411 days ago

lol :))

imfelps 1417 days ago


maryaliceblack 1737 days ago

Haha, sure It's very heavy! Aww, you both look very cute. You look really beautiful <3 I love how looks your hair, your makeup and I love your dress and accesories <3 I hope you had a great time at pre Emmy Party :) I love you Nina! <3 Xo

cindytang98 1747 days ago

you remind me of victoria justice:) but ur kind of prettier...

KoganzHoe 1779 days ago

:) ur look so goregous ♥

maryaliceblack7 1815 days ago

Aww, you look very beautiful <3 You both look very cute :) Xx

MonicaZahova 1837 days ago

you are so sweet here :) .. обичаме те от България ! :)

hufflebieber 1844 days ago

nice dresses

MultiJuliaTweet 1852 days ago

you deserve it

1989va 1856 days ago

You are favolous man :)

NitaNoraZeneli 1860 days ago

pretty nice

Xfobyf 1861 days ago


Ally_vest 1866 days ago

You are so pretty! Vampire diaries is an awesome show! is also very funny :)

Siimonne 1874 days ago

-Wonderful and very sex..=D you are perishing with Katherine..hahaha..=D

juliajennykraus 1874 days ago

WOW beautiful

Stoyanowaa 1876 days ago

gorgeous !! .

marchierose 1892 days ago

love vamp diaries nina, great acting and u are such an inspiration to me!

MTruebluestyle 1894 days ago

you're so beautiful,we need a pic w/ ;)

JustLynnD_ 1894 days ago

nice dresses! <3

CanonHui 1898 days ago

Stunning dress~~~~
Hope ya will get one of your own ASAP