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okay...two free tickets and meet and greet time again. winning caption for our new band mate @fiddlindan #fb

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1453 days ago

okay...two free tickets and meet and greet time again. winning caption for our new band mate #fb


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PurpleTigerMJA 1434 days ago

So that's what "ride 'em cowboy" really means!

AnthonynAshley 1448 days ago

Dude, where's my black flannel shirt? Only in Oregon LOL!

Cieanne1 1449 days ago

"Gearing up for some out of water game of Chicken!!"
"I'd like to thank all the little fiddlers I stepped on to get here tonight. "

summergirlie 1449 days ago

Just Sharin the spot light....... Peek A BOO

postalpam 1451 days ago

I think I can I think I can! I know I could if only I had some Budlight!

mrl081594 1452 days ago

cont.. off stage having a little of ore leaving left to do nobody will be able to stop his leaving

mrl081594 1452 days ago

cont... and giving everyone getting sideways a nice gaze of his underpants and having to prance

mrl081594 1452 days ago

they say white people cant dance but dierks is worried about hearing a rip!! and flashing

corgigirl 1452 days ago

Well, I should have won, but I have to admit "Dierks is nuts over fiddlindan" is pretty good!

MidnightAngel22 1452 days ago

Hey I think I see that little white tank top over there, come on back now!

MidnightAngel22 1452 days ago

Whoa! Boys, where'd the stage go?

Fouras34 1452 days ago

Put your right hand in, put your right hand out, do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about....

BethanyAnn90 1452 days ago

Step one: Start with feet together, at the same time raise your left hand and right leg, hold for 30 count then switch!!.....gotta get that workout in sometime!

countrygirl0976 1452 days ago

Holy Guacomole!! I would have loved to have been in that front row spot!!

teridube 1453 days ago

Dierks making sure he's got "Hochhalter" down.

rosssettle 1453 days ago

So thats what the song "Land down under" by Men at Work is about.

brett1586 1453 days ago

"I guess this is how I work my way up, just gotta hold him up a little longer, don't. give. up."

tjrichs 1453 days ago


dierksnumber1 1453 days ago

so, never seen a gorilla on stage before bitch?!

NessaRae_ 1453 days ago

"yo yo yo...check this out. fiddlin fliddlin no one can stop my fliddindan. so get sideways"