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i  think im goin out 2nite. nails  r done & hair will be sun dried in no time!

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2222 days ago

i think im goin out 2nite. nails r done & hair will be sun dried in no time!


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ladyjewels 2222 days ago

Oh, you Fancy, huh?!

JUSTMECC 2222 days ago

Como estas? I know you had a good time ; ) Like you show and like how you keep it real : )

biggayicecream 2222 days ago

this picture caused me to squeal with happiness. Thanks for making my day!

GucciLover4659 2222 days ago

Have fun Wendy

Konztance 2222 days ago

Wendy, you are too much (LOL) but you keep it real. Lov Ya!!!

Stephanies_Mind 2222 days ago

Hi Wendy pls hurry back miss ya! :)

northmiami 2222 days ago

View of the ocean? That's probably Wendy's back yard pool. "What 'chu talk'in bout"! Love u Wendy.

BeTheWay 2222 days ago

thats a nice view of the ocean wendy?

stormymerino 2222 days ago

I love you Wendy! You are so unique. This made me LOL. <3

Brenaebabiie 2222 days ago

lol. you are the realest Wendy. go head...you deserve it :)

coolsweetgroovy 2222 days ago

you're fabulous and How you doin Wendy?

Debbeey 2222 days ago

Go 4 it wendy!!u deserve a nite out, u work so hard! I've been having "wendy withdrawels" lol I can't wait 4 new season!!!!miss u wendy, xo deb"boston"

r3achin4h3av3n 2222 days ago

Hahahahahahahahahahaha i luv it!

1dallastexas 2222 days ago

Hi Wendy! Is that your pool/groto????? Wow!

Freddie1000 2222 days ago

Wendy girl U crack me up!!! Miss U and can't wait 4 Season 2 How U Doin???

Toni_ME6149 2222 days ago

Hi Wendy...I love you in my head.

PatCast0414 2222 days ago

how you doaaah shakeetha?!

1sweet_gyrl 2222 days ago

hahaha....you are too funny wendy. :-)

keniamenia 2222 days ago

Awwww :D "Hooowww yooouu dooinngg?!"

barnell09 2222 days ago

OMG. LOL. I love it.