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its beatiful in NJ & im getting pedi in Milburn. xoxo

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1739 days ago

its beatiful in NJ & im getting pedi in Milburn. xoxo


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BEYVSTHEWORLD 1329 days ago


coolsweetgroovy 1579 days ago

You've got nice feet Wendy

nubie10 1726 days ago

I've been told I have ugly feet, my response is I am just grateful I have feet and can still use them.

Lesalo 1729 days ago

Wendy what kinda super model legs are those....seriously! you are wayyyyyyy light skin and it is beautiful. wow! Girls those feet look like mine. ....

howyoudoinwendy 1735 days ago

hey now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

howyoudoinwendy 1735 days ago

wendy i see your scar i have problems with my feet also i have heal spers and they hurt like hello

MissErrenda 1735 days ago

Oh mY!!!!!

MissCincinnasti 1737 days ago

thats when keepin it real goes wrong. lol but i love u wendy

msanniedelleAve 1738 days ago

Girl, You Got Yaba Daba Doo Feet!

maddey65 1738 days ago

Nice.I'd love a pedi. Enjoy!

muaigirl 1738 days ago

Haha wendy,but did u noe ur toes aren't suppose to bend inward. Yup its true my chrioprator told me(:

Untamed_Rose 1738 days ago

Pedicure sounds nice right now!!!

Stephanies_Mind 1738 days ago

U Gotta love a person that's so honest and real like U...U my girl Wendy keep being U...Unique!

Konztance 1738 days ago

A confident women has no insecurities. Keep doing you Wendy!!!

BRO0OKLYNBAB3E 1738 days ago

i love u

BRO0OKLYNBAB3E 1738 days ago

pretty feet

ladielabelle 1738 days ago

Thanks Wendy..You are such an inspiration to many...I love you...

ladielabelle 1738 days ago

Because of you the insecurity abt.my feet since I was 11,I no longer feel I have 2 cover my toes.xoxo

BeTheWay 1739 days ago

and yes u r right, ur feet are really gruesome?

BeTheWay 1739 days ago

I disagree, u know what wendy i was watching a rerun of ur show, and u were talking about howw gruesome ur feat are