Katelyn Tarver


21 going on 74...

gearing up for an all nighter here at big time rush! ohhyeahhhhhhh.

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2189 days ago

gearing up for an all nighter here at big time rush! ohhyeahhhhhhh.


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FantasticCheese 1238 days ago

nice hairdo

ilovulogie 1821 days ago

lol nice hairdo

BigTimeRush_17 1959 days ago

u r BEAUTIFUL!!....and VERY TALENTED...I hope u'll follow me... (:

BigTimeStarWars 2159 days ago

Alot of sugar? My hair is naturallly like that.

Rosieburg 2171 days ago

Yikes...Stop scaring me with your hideous face

bigtimerush55 2177 days ago

hey u look pretty and somebody was pretending 2 be u in disney channel idk if is true or goosip ????? i am big fan of ours

kristypenabtr 2177 days ago

you look hyper:)in a good way

Ariona_ 2183 days ago


MeDicenFlan 2184 days ago

Sound weird but ... I want a hairstyle like this! But perhaps to you as good as my U.U, you look beautiful!

Cheer13Sarah 2186 days ago

haha:) beautiful! lol cant wait for the second season.... its going to be sick:)

SamJBMckenzie 2187 days ago

oh!....beatiful...xD haha! love u girl!!! you are the best!! :D

FiorellaXimena 2187 days ago

jaja nice photo lol katelyn :D

SummerLuvin82 2188 days ago

Haha you look great :) What's your character gonna be for Halloween?

_juustbreathe 2188 days ago

nice picture :D

sna82006 2188 days ago

very nice. wondering if all that energy is from sleep deprived giddyness??

anjamosbrucker 2188 days ago

That's great:)

jobrolovergirl 2188 days ago


BigTimeKittyx3 2188 days ago

lol nice(:

DAnthonyHiggins 2188 days ago

Obviously you are drunk.

hollybearz 2188 days ago

Hahah, love it :D
Your hair is so pretty curly!