Liz Mace


it's only awkward if you make it awkward.

aww me and meggy.

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2373 days ago

aww me and meggy.


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XOXmariahxo 2257 days ago

my 14 year old cousin thinks your hot lmaoo.

falconsoccer11 2322 days ago

this is like megans signature face! i love it :)

xohaleyy115 2340 days ago

how cute!

emmaprall11 2370 days ago

haha megans face reminds me of my bffs face in every single pic we take :)

Michigander906 2372 days ago

u both r very very very very very very beautiful, and amazing singers!! :)

Michigander906 2372 days ago

Is that a Hummer, u and megan r in?

truecolorsB 2372 days ago

You are soo CUTE! I love your videos :)

Sarah_Mez 2372 days ago

You are TOO cute : I'm jealous :)

lisa96marie 2372 days ago

I love you <3 You are so amazing ;)

Terra93 2372 days ago

it's really awesome, Have a good time there! :]

mynameiscyrill 2373 days ago

meagan i subscribed to you and i left you a message on youtube hope you enjoy the message!

mynameiscyrill 2373 days ago


mynameiscyrill 2373 days ago

lol meagan follow me on twitter your hot.. i like your smile my user on twitter is my name is cyrill

stefrcal 2373 days ago

so pretty :)
please watch this?? :)

JenLaucirica 2373 days ago

gorgous!i asked liz on fb& she said she would sing a song and put it on my profile, i hope it wasu

paulcollins1995 2373 days ago

You both look so happy :3 i like

annaleemarielov 2373 days ago

Ya'll are beautiful. Two gorgeous and amazingly talented sisters.

jonblanchette 2373 days ago

Those smiles will write a page in history :)!!

hidaniella 2373 days ago

you girls are super gorgeous! :) such good sisterss <3

EmilyRuff 2373 days ago

you girls are so pretty!! hope you are having fun :)