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Working on the Xbox team flipping switches since 2003 & Tweeting since 2006. Married to @thehappygirl

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1483 days ago


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EthanCrad 1483 days ago

If you havent read them, DO! They are hilarious, and theyre comics and dont take long!

kyfriedchucken 1483 days ago

scott pilgrim vs. the universe zombies, need I say more

SoundInSilence 1483 days ago

Gotta be the first just cause it started the whole thing going.

LambTaktak 1483 days ago

#spvtw The first one as it's the only one I've even managed to get round to reading at the minute.

MissSalome_ 1483 days ago

hello :)

StreetbreakerX2 1483 days ago

Never read it in my life nor heard of the book. I guess it's the 1st time for me to read at least 1

Raziken 1483 days ago

Precious Little Life. Only because of the Matthew Pattel fight, it was just too epic lol. #spvtw

TheFadedSoul 1483 days ago

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little got me hooked on the series...who knew books were so awesome!!! #spvtw

collinhoag 1483 days ago

#spvtw Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe - robots +zombies need i say more?

duartejc 1483 days ago

A friend of mine loved Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life #spvtw, so it is my favorite.

rundnial 1483 days ago

Didn't know there were books, will check them out though #spvtw

Kanen30 1483 days ago

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together because it has an awesome homage to the old sonic games title screen

pjf44055 1483 days ago

#spvtw The first because, without it, I wouldn't have gotten interested in the series.

SevenD 1483 days ago

Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness because of the map of the major characters illustrating their relations to each other #spvtw

mrbluetoffee 1483 days ago

Part 1 as it was the 1st 1 n they r normally the best as that 1 was #spvtw

Omnian 1483 days ago

The first, because it's the start of an awesome series ^_^ #spvtw

LeonidasNYC 1483 days ago

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour because it had awesome action scenes and was hysterical #spvtw

steelergang 1483 days ago

The last one is my favorite because it is the last one!

Skullreaper2000 1483 days ago

Did not no about the books until the movie but will have to check them out. #spvtw

Harbinger1080 1483 days ago

Infinite Sadness! Loved the Bass Battle! #spvtw