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Random picture from my iPhone: Me and the AMAZING Betty White at the Zoo!

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1870 days ago

Random picture from my iPhone: Me and the AMAZING Betty White at the Zoo!


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mommy23kiddos 1839 days ago

wow!amazing indeed-i've loved her since i was a kiddo:)

TrixieCalhoun 1848 days ago

Betty White is so awesome! I grew up watching her on TV. She has so much energy!! God Bless!

Arydion_aka_Ash 1852 days ago

Aw, I am so jealous, Doll! I've been a HUGE Betty White fan since I was a small child! She's wonderful!

Uponebuck 1852 days ago

Great Pic for a great duo. I love her energy on screen also. :)

polpo_ 1863 days ago

awwww i just love her :D
great pic :)

swimmergirl_24 1868 days ago

love the pic and it would be awesome if she could guest star on NCIS

am_daisy 1868 days ago

Betty White needs to go be on NCIS.

darrowbythirsk 1868 days ago

Oh my gosh, that's so cute!

sicmaster 1869 days ago

Great, the last 'golden girls' :-)

gogodoggiego 1869 days ago

Awwwwww.. tht is so sweet pauley! This pic makes me think of me and my grandma!

LienWei_2010 1869 days ago

Oh what a nice picture.

Demi_Dinosaur 1869 days ago

Awww, Sweet picture! xD

DemoraDessert 1869 days ago

Betty White? I'm so jealous right now! :P hope you had fun! :D

McFlurryGirl 1869 days ago

Amazing Picture :) xoxo

xtremesnapefan 1869 days ago

I don't think a picture could GET more epic than this. Pauley P and Betty White? There's no beating it!

RaeAFlowers 1869 days ago

Pauley, you are already made of pure WIN - but throw in Betty White - now THAT is Epic!Amazingness!

QweenMewwy 1869 days ago

So cute :) Both of you.

marlchr 1869 days ago

Thanks for sharing! Love you both!

Susieq88888 1869 days ago

Betty White should play Abbys Grandma on NCIS.

fsualwaysrko 1870 days ago

OMG. Thats great! You both are amazing.