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"Hey moon. Please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you go down..."

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1618 days ago

"Hey moon. Please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you go down..."


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HansJesus 1531 days ago

the stars are beautifulls

pshimmallama 1583 days ago

patd<3 you're awesome:)

justindrewife 1583 days ago


GloryFernandes 1614 days ago


cristy_rosales 1617 days ago

incredible pic! did u use your telescope or something?

chinesekites 1618 days ago

Woah. Is that a picture of jupiter & the moon? that's pretty awesome.

foreverDClove 1618 days ago

Beautiful :) twilight. hehe x

Bailey_on_Deck 1618 days ago

PLS answer me!!!!

Bailey_on_Deck 1618 days ago

What about The Suite Life? Can you tell me if there'll be a 4th season or not?

Bailey_on_Deck 1618 days ago


uniqueabbrol 1618 days ago


DCstars_debby 1618 days ago

So cool picture!

TheDebbyFan 1618 days ago

It's a nice pic but it's beyond the Moon's control to stop falling...

callicoco 1618 days ago

haha nice quoting panic @ the disco but yes i love night time. something relaxing about it.....

Lizhavefun 1618 days ago

it's so cute.....

vivala_dePINK 1618 days ago

No Comment O.- WOW

DemiForever_s2 1618 days ago

sugar cane... haha i love

msheacom 1618 days ago

Cool pic. Seems to me Debby doesn't want the night to end. Please follow me Debby. Im a huge fan.

juanmiguelarias 1618 days ago

Are you on a romantic mood, kido?

uliGomezslovatO 1618 days ago

ooooh :)