Kenny Powers


Legendary pro ball player working towards my comeback. (Not affiliated w/ HBO ® or Eastbound & Down ®)

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1454 days ago


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hautecocoa 1453 days ago

You the man KP... YOU DA MAN!

TheKristynT 1453 days ago

Yessss!! About friggin time!!

thecrazypollo 1454 days ago

I'm about fucking cry right now!!! Super Kenny fucking Powers is BACK!!!!!

vickenyon 1454 days ago

are we there yet? HA!

allielectric 1454 days ago

yes, this is effing awesome

TheARKness 1454 days ago

Now THAT is Powersful

daveofferson 1454 days ago

Bad. Ass.

Lazquez 1454 days ago

i'd prooobably be diagnosed with bulimia if i looked at this all day.

LeavesOfGarret 1454 days ago

God, I can only imagine what that goatee smells like--My guess would be a mix of tequila and pussy.

jlworld 1454 days ago

I better wear diapers for season 2, because that pic just made me shit my pants!

Adolf5hitler 1454 days ago

KP you resemble ice cube in all about the benjamins

44imac 1454 days ago

Thats dat shit! Kenny P

joelydelrey 1454 days ago

this motherfucker got cornrows. fuckn' right!!!

JimiCroker 1454 days ago

Shit yeah Ass blood! Kenny "Cornrow" Powers - win

Correy 1454 days ago

I can stare at this all day