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2593 days ago


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angeloro 2583 days ago

professionaly people on a professionally tabel, homemade food and good wine, mi piace molto! BRAVI!

cgallo99 2591 days ago

I see your wife in the mirror.

Kingdavid77 2592 days ago

Great job Levi from a fellow Montanan living in Budapest! Keep it going!

hdphdp 2592 days ago

Johann,may i ask yiu where are henrik redant and sammy moreels these days and edwig van hooijdonk and what they do now

SweetRideinMD 2592 days ago

the trifecta(Contador, Leipheimer, Armstrong) GC man goes down, Astana says no worries, we have 2 more on the team...Bruyneel is smarter than you think...

jbeard8 2592 days ago

Great job, Levi! You are a class act and the ultimate example of a team player! You deserve a win!

lindafarren 2593 days ago

Great Job Levi! We'll hopefully see in France.

dxfile 2593 days ago

Congrats!! Way to go Levi and Johan! Thanks for the terrific updates on twitter.

jlivesey 2593 days ago

Is that a three-peat I smell cooking? Devour the Giro!

JeniferLopez 2593 days ago

HJAJAJA what a Photo.

tcparsons 2593 days ago

Fantastic result - loved the final 2K footage post yesterday.

DanielBalsa 2593 days ago

Congratulates from Brazil for Levi and Astana Team!

danielm6 2593 days ago

We're going to see a lot of this in 09. Congrats!

rafaelllanos 2593 days ago

Levi & Johan: Well Done !! Thanks for your comments

joehoward55 2593 days ago

Congrats ! It's been fun following the races on twitter. You sound like you're really enjoying life. Good for you.

tbantham 2593 days ago

Congratulations Levi! Awesome job!!

geraldatwork 2593 days ago

The team had a great victory. Levi deserves the win for his loyalty in the past and his winning time trial and it is nice for him to have a "Classics" victory on his resume. Alberto showed what a good team member he was working for Levi for the win. Class

MontanaMe 2593 days ago

Is this a Block House? First Lance is there with the guy in pink and a bottle of wine, now you are there with the guy in pink with a bottle of wine. Watch that guy in pink!

drewmckinley 2593 days ago

does only the winner get invited for dinner ,poor alberto

spinderella2525 2593 days ago

Congratulations, Levi. Another great ride!