Levi Leipheimer


Team Astana Cyclist

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2711 days ago


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pelle_armstrong 2646 days ago

Pedro Delgado, what a big rider! I have a pic with him too, but I want make one pic with you Levi. I want to put it in muy room

christian_v 2709 days ago

Pedro como estas... a great face for cycling all over the planet... Delgado ..... you need to stick with the surname , just having a dig.. Delgado in Spanish means slim. Thanks Levi for the pic.... you are the man.

JeniferLopez 2710 days ago

The man who won Tour de France in 1988 also do 2nd 1987 and third in 1989 after thatcame Indurain kingdon. WOn also two times VUelta ESPaƱa in 1985 and 1989. He is the spokecaster of cycling race is spainTV.Pedro(Perico for friends)is funny broadcaster, h

ferran76 2710 days ago

Pedro Delgado, Perico, I began to love cycling because of him!

PCFCASteve 2710 days ago

mariojas1 on March 27, 2009
"Who's next? Maybe Raul Alcala'? Anybody remember him?"

I remember Raul Alcala crashing onto the railroad tracks when Lance won the world championship in Oslo!

patxivall 2710 days ago

Great champion and great person

ThirdTransition 2710 days ago

Pedro Delgado...is that the time already!!!!!

richeyhughes 2710 days ago

He was late for a tour start once!

richeyhughes 2710 days ago

Perico,Pedro Dellgado!

guitar2333 2711 days ago

I pretty sure it's not me haha.

mariojas1 2711 days ago

Who's next? Maybe Raul Alcala'? Anybody remember him?

Marta_Montoro 2711 days ago

Perico Delgado!! El pobre tiene menos salero retransmitiendo el ciclismo...

cartertx 2711 days ago

I think that's Fran the Jackal...maybe not.

billmackiernan 2711 days ago

former doper -- tested positive when they really didn't even test - Pedro Delgado

4score 2711 days ago

Hey...it's my Dad! Hi Dad!!

pabloslife 2711 days ago

Did he turn up 2 minutes late!!

colinmullane 2711 days ago

Perico!! Steven Roches nemisis of the 87 tour and grand winner himself the next year..super domestique to Mr. Indurain. Not bad company your keeping sir!

reynatom 2711 days ago

Pedro Delgado definitly!

TheLoadtoFrance 2711 days ago

That's Craig Miller from KTCK 1310 Dallas

jreesnc 2711 days ago

So who are we going to see you with next? Abraham Olano?