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Two-time Emmy award and Grammy award-winning comedian. Coming to a city near YOU! For ticket info and to purchase tickets, click on the link above.

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VERY exciting! There's a hilarious, but false item in the new STAR.

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1497 days ago

VERY exciting! There's a hilarious, but false item in the new STAR.


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JesseBu 1489 days ago

ha! i think t would woop ur ass if that was true ;) publicity is publicity though

LTCoats 1489 days ago

OMG that is such a lie because everyone knows you can't cook

snatchinweaves 1495 days ago

HAHA! you didn't even have to tell that that was false. :D

cleansoxx 1496 days ago

Hmmmm... wonder what former assistant Jessica is doing to pay her bills nowadays?

thebrightguy 1497 days ago

Hilarious! I love the Angel Food cake part most.

adorkable_amy 1497 days ago

Actually, I think that one about Jolie might be true... But holly fuck balls what is this shit about Miss Kathy? Why the fuck would she sleep until 4 P.M. when she could easily sleep until 12:00 AM? Duh!

AnnRosaAmazonQT 1497 days ago

Oh and it's always nice to be above Mr. Rob Pattinson as well. Keep it fuckin real bitchessss!   

AnnRosaAmazonQT 1497 days ago

Oh STAR! God Damn Fuck Balls, R U bakin & bitchin again Kathy. LOL somethings that get in print-ha

misterrefren 1497 days ago

That rag doll! Cake-baking, insinuating, tattooed wanna-be assistant. Give Tiffany a raise :]

1MJ 1497 days ago

"Robert Pattinson has sex on the brain? Lies!"

larbear2five5 1497 days ago

4pm??? Who the hell wakes up at 4pm when you can easily stay in bed till 6pm!

ErikaGallo 1497 days ago

Lies. Ofcourse you wouldn't bake it! Why would anyone bake it if you can just buy it?

MardiGras30 1497 days ago


MsBianca_xo 1497 days ago

That's what u get for 'overworking' that 'what's her face'? Jesssicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

rebel4569 1497 days ago

What? Didn't you plant that item in STAR for publicity? Anyway every1 knows you don't bake!LOL

marymad 1497 days ago

so fake!

ShawnStingel 1497 days ago

Haha! I love your facial expression! Goes perfectly with the article! =)

ArmyofWomack 1497 days ago

The fuckin nerve of that rag; implying that you bake!

lorishe09 1497 days ago

they should have checked their math on the angel food cake.

TraceysTweet 1497 days ago

pfffft. I thought you HAD to be taking 1/2 cake/day...but manscapes?!? That's news!