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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

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1489 days ago


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bosssmafia 1381 days ago

INDONESIA IDOL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, soon ????

liipiih 1488 days ago


jonathanb1990y 1488 days ago

are you being a judge snoop

deadcentnl 1488 days ago

when is it on if u go on that i lose all hope just strike man think deep we can bring et matrix peace

MOJQ 1488 days ago

that would be mad

m1t3t00 1488 days ago

It's gonna be a crazy show if you're a judje! :)

kinshastar 1488 days ago

Snoop a judge??

AnmarJordaan 1489 days ago

Yippppeeeeeee, The Snoop's gonna be a judge :)))))

MrsPrettyBrown2 1489 days ago

do you like this show?

SpunkLOVEE 1489 days ago

I will start watching it again if you do it.

kleizo 1489 days ago

The world needs another luther vandross feel me

kleizo 1489 days ago

I don't know man I mean your dpg and idol is another level people want you to be real and not look like a gimick yo you should try and get part r&b in there lots of people didn't get in and they are good its was just not pop enough you should bring th

Lizzibear 1489 days ago

I would actually watch if you were a judge on there!

Ayoak213 1489 days ago

U Betta HOLD It down for the LBC Bigg Snoop, If u Judgin on American Idol!!!! We need u to Rep the Cityy For us LONG BEACH ppl! Aha

kongminjiii 1489 days ago

ds5yrhfbydeytbsxtjgvd yjrdb

BetoS3t 1489 days ago


ONE_OFA_KIND818 1489 days ago

you guuna be a judge

Scissorhands_ 1489 days ago


chepetron 1489 days ago