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It was a blast... literally.

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2293 days ago

It was a blast... literally.


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CastleSuperFan 2146 days ago

So cooooooool :)

LindaLoL13 2235 days ago

look at the fire

Blah_Everything 2269 days ago

WHo was standing in front of you to get that shot?

aurang_zeb 2284 days ago

Oh I'm just a newbie please don't shoot me!!! :'(

Dreschy 2286 days ago

wtf xDDD

marymarymarian 2292 days ago

only a blast. nothing gonna happened. ready to blast another one. hoooray. watch out for ur teeth : )

chanceofrainne 2292 days ago

I'm amazed you still have all your teeth. Those things can have some NASTY kickback.

KennethKemp 2292 days ago

Nice form Scaramouche!

BostonScientist 2292 days ago

Countless virtual & autograph hugs make for strong arms and shoulders. Ask . Archery's just for fun.

BananKharabsheh 2293 days ago


mo770 2293 days ago

Rad pic Stana!=)

dsbnepo 2293 days ago

Nice job ! They can be a bear 2 fire. Can U imagine 2000 of these going off in a battle ?

kc_autumn 2293 days ago

Thanks for sharing....

Sebsupastar 2293 days ago

How many ppl u kill ? :p

CherylStanaFan 2293 days ago

one handed!! heheh

thetelevisi0n 2293 days ago

OMG you are on FIRE.

Necros_hun 2293 days ago

Damn, that looks awesome! :D I want the new season, like right now!

AllisonIsKiller 2293 days ago

That is sooo cool! Does it have much of a kick after your fire?

parlow17 2293 days ago


nofate18 2293 days ago

Totally badass of you! Is it September yet?!